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ENTER Wacky World, where your kids imagination can take them away as they ride a real Vintage Italjet Dirt Bike, cruise a drag strip in the Silver Ghost Haunted Car, sail the ocean on the Wacky Whale's back, and race Princess Wacky's Magical Pony through the land of Wacky.

Servicing all of Long Island, Wacky World Amusements strives to bring you an amusement park like experience at your home or any venue. We've taken elements from our own childhood and brought them back through time so that your children can experience a nostalgic element from your very own past.

Video Games weren't meant to be played just in your living room. The Arcade was a social venue that brought people together whom shared a passion for gaming and where they would sometimes rival in a 1 on 1 bout of game play.

Our 80's style arcade is equipped with 7 game playing stations, offering a total of863 video game titles with up to 14 players at once.

We are a fully Insured Party Rental Service.

Long Island, N.Y.​​